Using ChatGPT for notetaking, and the need for chat pinning

I frequently use ChatGPT as an intelligent notepad. Though it doesn’t have perfect memory, I like how it talks to me when I add new notes and always have a ChatGPT window open anyway. However, as chat history grows, retaining crucial chats while clearing others becomes challenging.

I typically ask the notepad chat to create a prompt that would replicate its personality and memory and input this into a new chat after clearing conversations. However, this is tedious as I have to go back and read the entire notepad chat to add anything it may have missed in its memory.

Please consider adding a feature to pin specific chats that would ensure they’re retained when clearing all conversations. Also, if pinned chats were stickied at the top, it would make accessing something like a notebook chat easier.

I understand there’s an option not to save history, but I really love OpenAI and its mission. So, I want my conversations and feedback to contribute to ChatGPT’s development.

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Great suggestion. I wonder how much of OpenAI’s drive will be to create the underlying tech that allows others to create the end user experience to match use-cases like you described versus wanting to themselves provide a great user experience for many different use cases.

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