Use cli to batch download the usage data of openai api

A CLI tool for downloading data from the OpenAI API to facilitate further analysis of usage.


Prerequisite: Install nodejs 18 lts

npx @ai-assist/openai-apilyzer --authorization 'Bearer <access_token>' --organization 'org-<organization>'

# downloaded
# written to openai-api-usage-2023-02-28-2023-03-30.csv

options source

The CSV file can then be viewed in Excel.


npx @ai-assist/openai-apilyzer -h
Usage: openai-apilyzer [options]

  --authorization <authorization>  authorization token
  --organization <organization>    organization id
  --start [start]                  start date, default is 30 days ago (default: "2023-03-14")
  --end [end]                      end date, default is today (default: "2023-04-13")
  --format [format]                json/csv format of output, default is json (default: "csv")
  --output [output]                output file, default is openai-api-usage-{options.start}-{options.end}.{options.format}
  --baseUrl [baseUrl]              base url of openai api (default: "")
  --verbose                        verbose output (default: false)
  --userPublicId [userPublicId]    user public id
  -V, --version                    output the version number
  -h, --help                       display help for command

Note that if you are in China or other regions where access to the openai API is not possible, you can use the --baseUrl parameter to specify a mirror address, such as, which can be deployed to a Cloudflare Worker at zero cost through the open source project openai-proxy.

This is an idea I came up with while dealing with another problem, ref: What is n_context_tokens_total? Why is it so large?

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start downloading
downloading 2023-03-14
Error occurred (fetch failed). Retrying (2 attempts left)...
Error occurred (fetch failed). Retrying (1 attempts left)...
Error occurred (fetch failed). Retrying (0 attempts left)...
download failed, please check your authorization and organization id

My node.js fetch code can’t work either. But if I copy curl from chrome, it works.
Is this tool still working or openai has raised protection for API endpoints?

Release 0.1.9 fixed, it seems that openai modified the http header part, I made some adjustments, it works now. Another reminder, if you are in an area where you cannot access the openai api, please configure the proxy correctly, or use a mirror service, and refer to the updated baseUrl field.

I got same result @0.1.9. I ran it on a server located in the US.

Can you try 0.1.10 and add --verbose option? It will print out verbose error log

It works! Thanks!
Now I’m trying to implement count usage by individuals.

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Release 0.1.13, already supports parameter --userPublicId

In the end, I created a chrome extension to export it, so I didn’t need to install any runtime locally, and I didn’t need the command line. The chrome store is currently under review, and the zip of the plugin has been built and can be installed locally to try.

Approved by the chrome app store