Usage Info in API Responses

Hi everyone,

We have started providing token usage information as part of the responses from the completions, edits, and embeddings endpoints. This data is the same as what is shown on your usage dashboard, now made available through the API.

For example, a response from the completions endpoint now looks like:

 "id": "cmpl-uqkvlQyYK7bGYrRHQ0eXlWi8",
 "object": "text_completion",
 "created": 1589478378,
 "model": "text-davinci-002",
 "choices": [
   "text": "\n\nThis is a test",
   "index": 0,
   "logprobs": null,
   "finish_reason": "length"
 "usage": {
  "prompt_tokens": 5,
  "completion_tokens": 5,
  "total_tokens": 10

You can find full details in the API Reference.

Note that for the completions endpoint, if the stream argument is enabled, the response stream remains unchanged and the usage information is not included.