Urgent ! The project is going into production now

WHY ??? !!! I don’t have time, the project is going into production now.

  1. code: “rate_limit_exceeded”
  2. message: “Rate limit repeatedly exceeded. Try again in an hour.”
  3. param: null
  4. type: “requests”

I can’t wait an hour, in 20 minutes I have a sample of the product. I have had no problems for a long time and now I get this serious failure.

“assistants” are not suitable for any production environment. You cannot control the excessive token usage nor see the ballooning costs. In API reference, you will find the feature’s documentation under “beta”.

DALL-E 3 is in beta, and it is clear that the rate limits are meant for experimentation and to specifically disable any production app workload.

If you are disabled by something that didn’t exist for you two weeks ago, the temporary solution could be to make a second account on a different email address and feed it $5 or $50.



Try adding to your account balance, might get a quick fix?

I have a tier-4 and my account have a 1 year old.

If I use dall-e 3, how many requests am I allowed per day, per month? Being exaggerated, I have made at most 100 requests per day, it is very strange that after so many days using the product now it fails. I do not understand anything. Could you explain me why this limitation ? And if I have to wait for 1 hour, does the image generation recover 100% after 1 hour ?

They seem to have just radically changed the image rate.

In the tier list:

tier 4 dalle-3 is 15 img/min, dall-e 2 is 100/min

no other limits shown

Back to rate limits page (another browser) - no listing at all for dall-e-3 or your account’s limits.

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Well, It would be fine if the changes they make didn’t affect so much but what just happened to me is very serious. Will something like this happen in the next few days? Now I am scared to think that something like this could happen again. Now I have 2 accounts in tier-4 but nothing assures me that this could happen in both accounts.
What can we expect ?
Any solution ?

I noted that, the policy content violation using “moderations” is not fully updated since “API:moderations” does not cover the same policies as the errors I get from “API:generations”. I have tried many messages that the first one does not detect anything and when generating the images it does give me errors. Strange… to say the least.