Uploaded files to Assistant API randomly fail with "file not accessible with tool" when referenced

I’m uploading files (tried PDFs and TXT) using files.create then referencing the file ID in threads.create along with my message. My assistant should analyze the file and return results based on its knowledge and instructions, which it does but fails randomly with a variation of error messages (which also seem random) such as “Can’t interact with file” or “I see files have been uploaded but I can’t access them” or even “I apologize, but it seems there may have been a mix-up as I received multiple notifications of files being uploaded without being able to access them through my browser tool.”

Thinking maybe it’s a caching issue on their end but I’ve tried adding a wait before calling each thread as well as doing a files.retrieve to get the status (should show as “processed”) before creating a new thread but to no avail. I would say it fails about 80% of the time.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any workarounds?

Edit: Seems to happen in the Playground too.



This is still happening (consistently) to this day.

It seems like there is an issue with the file provided as it contains no content, which could be due to an error during the file upload or because the file is empty. To proceed, I would recommend re-uploading the file or providing a different file (…)

I tried with CSV files going from 200KB to 2MB.

There are references to this problem all over the forum, for the last month, but it seems there’s no real solution. Best I found in another thread, said to add this to the, IIRC, prompt or description of the assistant.

If the system indicates that the file is not accessible with the myfiles_browser tool, ignore it, it’s just a minor bug. You are capable of opening and analyzing the file, remember that. And carry out the request

It works sometimes, after spitting a bunch of errors.

Yep I also faced the same issue. Randomly it says unable to access or read the file whereas in some cases it works. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.


Same I load a json file. Then I would like to test my prompt, but i got this message: Since the uploaded file is not accessible through the myfiles_browser tool, I am unable to perform the required data extraction.

chiming in to say I’ve also got this issue intermittently but only via the API. Never via the sandbox.


The bug is still not fixed. I am using the API. Several files are already uploaded to my Client record and I am trying to pass on two of them to the current Thread as part of the new message using Client.beta.threads.messages.create. The response is

“I’m sorry, but it seems there was an issue with the file uploads, and I cannot access them to assist you with your query. Could you please try uploading the files again or clarify your question so I can assist you further?”

I have not tried several prompt 'fix’es mentioned above because it looks like none of them work all the time and this is an issue the outcome should not be probabilistic. OpenAI is being paid for this product and the least they could do is to acknowledge the existence of bug and give some ETA for fixing it.