Updating a part of a chat, deletes all that was coming after it

I have just updated (removed) a sensitive information in the middle of a long chat and resubmitted it. The result is that it deleted all the conversation after that point onwards, and it seems to be lost. Is there now way to edit a part of a prompt in a conversation without destroying it?

By editing within ChatGPT, you create a new conversation path that follows in the new direction.

The sensitive information is not deleted. At the message where you edited, there will be a toggle <2/2> that can recall the previous chat and its followup questions.

Manual deleting and cleaning of the chat history would be nice, but OpenAI might not want to do that, as you could potentially make the AI think it responded to a different question in a different way and then use that for circumvention.

Thank you for that great and helpful feedback. That’s it … the <2/2> does allow to go back to the previous conversation path. Perfect … at least that the info is not lost.
Thanks again.

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