Updated OpenAI API Usage Policies

Hey folks, sharing a quick update that our Usage Policies have been updated and consolidated to make it more clear and concise. Please be sure to check them out if you aren’t clear on what is and is not an acceptable use of our API.


Thanks for the update.

I was just about to ask if developers are allowed to ask users of their products for their API key?

Or do the terms of service require them to use the developers key?

I read somewhere that asking for API keys is not allowed (even if it is stored securely). But I cant seem to find the reference again.

I’m starting to see a fairly common pricing model being used by SAAS apps and chatbots. They get the user to use their API key (Bring your own key), and simply charge a monthly fee on top. It means the developer is not exposed to the usage levels of the end user.

Edit: found the link

From “Best practices for API Key Safety” page

An API key is a unique code that identifies your requests to the API. Your API key is intended to be used by you. The sharing of API keys is against the Terms of Use.