Update the `stop` parameter for GPT-4


In the API reference, it is said that the stop parameter should be a list of 4 strings maximum.
It seems that gpt-4-preview and gpt-4-vision-preview now only accept lists of size 2 (max).
If you try a list of size 3, you’ll get a 400 error stating:

'$.stop' is invalid

Note that this is not the case of gpt-3.5-turbo: sending the same request to it doesn’t raise any error.

Big questions

  • Why GPT-4 only accepts 2 stop strings instead of 4?
    In some cases, 4 is already not a lot, and many text generations are wasted simply because it didn’t stop on time.
  • Is it possible to update the doc?
    (in the event that increasing the max. size of stop is not possible)