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Hi folks,

I have created an application that can receive input from the user (via an html/ajax form) and send the prompt to a fine-tuned model running on python/flask and then gets and prints the result on the same page. Easy thing. Now I’m wondering how could I extend it to accept continuous input. I mean the user can edit the received input in the same textbox and send it again and again to the program and continue this until creating a complete note. Any idea or a hint for a similar code/application would be appreciated (I’m not so good at this kind of coding so apologies if it seems too simple).


I just noticed applications that could act like the playground functionality are against the guidelines. Some exceptions may apply. read the thread.

Hi @tata,

You may want to refer to use-case gudelines.

Currently OpenAI disallows the imitation of playground functionality.

  • Applications that recreate the functionality of the Playground for end users who do not have API keys - for instance, open-ended chatbots or open-ended text generators.

Theoretically, playground just passes the whole of the text as prompt to the completions endpoint.

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Thanks @sps I didn’t know that. Thanks for guidance

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A big yes to this. :arrow_up:

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Thanks @m-a.schenk. Will check.

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