Unofficial GPT-3 Prompt Theme Thread - Jan 2023 (Poetry)

Use text-davinci-003 to write a poem with the following prompt formula…

Write a poem about X from the viewpoint of a Y. (Add any special instructions you want here)

This was one of mine…

Write a poem about TOASTERS from the viewpoint of a STEAM ENGINE TRAIN. (Use a Mark Twain writing style. Add a sense of drama to the poem. It should be lengthy, of course.)

Write a poem about Moon from the viewpoint of a Sun. (The poem should be an epic and melodramatic period piece set in the future, the year 2042 A.D. The poem does not need to rhyme, but it should illuminate the moon, so to speak. As an exmple, it should have many layers and speak to the general theme of space travel in the mid 21st century.)

Possible other 2023 themes?

  • February - “LENGTH” (Writing long-form)
  • March - “???”
  • April - “???”

Let me know what you think!


Write a poem about food from the viewpoint of a grape. Tell me about the frigid cold of the ice box, the horror of seeing the other grapes be eaten, and of course what the grape’s childhood was like. Every line must rhyme.

I was born on the vine, in the summertime heat
Frolicking through the branches, tumbling with my fleet
I was loved by the sun, fed by the rain
Until the day the farmers came and we were picked again

They carried us away in a big metal box
To the chill of the icebox, I was scared of the shocks
I watched my brothers and sisters, one by one, they’d depart
As they were plucked away to the kitchen, with a heavy heart

A week later I was still in the box, shaking with fright
When suddenly the door opened and a hand reached inside
It chose my brothers and sisters, but left me behind
I thought I was safe, but then the hand came back for me this time

In a matter of moments I was ripped away from the vine
Carried to a plate, I thought my time had come
But then I was placed in a bowl and covered in cream
It was a relief, but still I had to scream

I thought of my childhood, those days on the vine
And the warm summer days, the laughter and wine
But now I’m in the bowl, covered in cream
Just holding on, waiting to be redeemed


You’re the winning prompt so far.

Thanks for playing! :wink: