Understanding Validation file and Fine tuning file

Hi Guys,

Can someone say the difference between the Validation file and Fine tuning file . Then tell me how we can validate the correct ness of a fine tuned model. If possible please attach screen shots how a data set look like in fine tuning file for gpt 3.5 turbo and a dataset of validation file and state the difference.

Someone already has…

As you said the, can i use same randomly selected 10% of the data set from the fine tuning file and creat a validation file? and can both the file contain similar data set?

Yes, the two files should contain similar information, unless you are testing something else with the validation file, like the ability for the AI to still have “you are chatgpt” system message conversations instead of “you are evilbot” conversations.

The validation file is generally used to test the ability to infer similar but not the same tasks, and chatbot training should be as varied as the inputs it may be expected to perform well on.

The AI is not trained on the validation file.