Undefined array key 0 when get messages list, empty response


I write code for api assistant on Laravel. On my local it’s work fine. I call GET

api.openai.com/v1/threads/{thread_id}/messages?run_id={run_id} to get messages.
On my local enviroment it’s work fine. I get response with message content. But on prod array witn message content empty.

Response data: {"response":{"object":"list","data":[{"id":"msg_WE3lvQyNgWD0eLLP53iAxB36","object":"thread.message","created_at":1715785539,"assistant_id":"asst_8Dk

one more example

[2024-05-15 16:56:53] staging.INFO: 2024-05-15 16:56:53 - CREATE createThreadAndSendMessage EVENT SUCCESS<thread_id: thread_8RfOeD2giNrihINwSEKM1sH3, run_id: run_x2dUeg1McgC4JNABvGr467g5>
[2024-05-15 16:56:53] staging.INFO: 2024-05-15 16:56:53 - RetriveLastMessage Response data: {"response":{"object":"list","data":[],"first_id":null,"last_id":null,"has_more":false}}
[2024-05-15 16:56:53] staging.INFO: 2024-05-15 16:56:53 - RetriveLastMessage MSGID EVENT FAILED<thread_id: thread_8RfOeD2giNrihINwSEKM1sH3>

Cant imagine why. May be somebody knows what a problem? Thank you.

A good way to troubleshoot is check to see if CURL from the command line works, from both local and prod. That will tell you if the problem is on your end or not most likely.