Unable to use hyperparamters while creating FineTuning job with gpt3.5 turbo

We are doing fine tuning of a custom model built on gpt3.5 turbo model. Using the cookbook notebook for fine tuning. Unable to use the below hyper parameters
batch_size, n_epochs, learning_rate_multiplier

Could you please update if the above parameters are configurable in gpt3.5 fine tuning using “openai.FineTuningJob.create()” as we get error if above params are included.

However, while referring datacamp link on "fine-tuning-gpt-3-using-the-open-ai-api-and-python’ topic , they were able to configure hyper params using openai.FineTune.create(), which I believe is valid only for chatgpt3 and not for chatgpt3.5

Kindly ratify our observation and let us know how to configure the params in gpt3.5

Will appreciate a sample code reference for API and curl command usage.

Anyone faced the same issue ? We are looking for some pointers here as the latest API doesn’t hyperparamters tuning ?

Hi, facing the same issue. Had to revert openai to 0.28 and used openai.Finetune.creat(), but even with this can only include n_epochs as hyperparamters. I hope there is a solution to this