Unable to create messages as “assistant” role in assistant api

It appears that when using the Assistants API, the assistantsClient.createMessage(assistantThread.id,'user', content); method only functions with the role parameter set to “user” and not “assistant.” This means you can only create messages as if they were sent by a user, rather than an assistant. As for adding previous message history directly as in the chat API, it seems that this capability may not be directly available within the Assistants API

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The Assistants API is a stateful API where messages are managed by the Assistant and not the dev/client/user.

Simply put, you don’t need to manage the conversation history as this is one of the utilities/advantages of assistants.

Currently, assistant messages can’t be injected into the conversation history.

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if at a later point of time the user restarts the conversation then how will that happen? Does assistants api have a solution for this?
I know about thread but it can only store messages for 60 days …What if i need same conversation later…