Unable to call my HTTPS Endpoint

I am trying to call an HTTPS endpoint from an action. I can see from my server logs that the call is never even hitting the endpoint. for context, the DNS is from aws rout 53 pointing to an ec2 instance. I don’t have trouble reaching the endpoint from anywhere else. Has anyone else run into this issue?

Delete and recreate the action.

Sometimes the GPT/action will become cached and won’t update, then you just need to start over in a new action for it to accept your changes.

If your server is protected by a Web Application Firewall (WAF) service, there is a possibility that calls from OpenAI may be incorrectly identified as robots and blocked by the WAF. To address this issue, consider disabling the WAF for your API endpoint URL. For instance, if you are utilizing Cloudflare’s DNS proxy for secure HTTPS communication, you can create a rule to exclude the WAF protection for the designated URL.