Ukraine prohibited as a keyword

I got a warning recently after using the word Ukraine in a text prompt. Kind of understand why as the country is associated with war these days, but my intention was to render a portrait of a Ukrainian person which has nothing to do with the war. This after using country names like America / United States, Canada, France, England, Wales, Italy, etc. with absolutely no issues.

Fortunately I did not get banned, so I’m not creating this thread just to vent. I do however think there is an ethical problem when a keyword like Ukraine is prohibited; as if DALL·E is reducing it to current events as a war-torn country, and discriminating it against other countries the keyword filters have no problem with. That is not right in my opinion.


It would be interesting to hear an official reasoning for blocking certain words.

I also wonder if its an algorithm or a group of people deciding what is allowed and what is not.


From what I’ve seen a lot of people were banned for simple things. I think it’s just a simple wordlist combined with (maybe?) a poorly-trained net. It understands NO context at all.

If you use the prompt “A shadow coming from a tree” you might get a warning just because of the word “coming”.

Quite sad tbh

I’d bet that if they used a davinci model, this certainly wouldn’t happen.

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Unless I’m missing something, I think it would be a good idea if DALL·E could at least provide a wordlist of prohibited words. Maybe even a separate search feature where one could enter what words they’re unsure about, and the filter returns a simple yes or no answer on what’s acceptable; without actually rendering the image so no warnings need to get issued in the process.

After using DALL·E for a little over a month and rendering 10K+ images, I’ve kind of learned through trial and error how to play it safe with keywords. Sometimes I still get the odd warning though. Ukraine was definitely unexpected as the basis of this thread, other examples include Camille Pissarro as an impressionist painter because I’m guessing there’s the word “piss” embedded in his name. Or Emily Dickinson as a poet because of “dick” in her name.

Keywords I entered with no ill intent, and to begin with I skipped over those warnings like fine print not realizing they could result in a ban. Fortunately I got wise to the warnings in time, but I can imagine other newbies have and will face the same predicaments, some of which risk facing a ban despite their best intentions.

This is an important issue I believe DALL·E needs to resolve going forward. Not meant as a complaint as I have truly become an addict, more like constructive critique for the sake of improvement and attracting more people to this platform.

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