UI: Grouping, searching, and/or tagging chats

ChatGPT is awesome, but because I and others are using it so much, I’m finding it difficult to locate older content in chats, and because I might pick up a similar topic in a later chat, similar chats are often scattered in the side-pane.

I’m hoping for better ways to keep all these chats I now have organized, and be able to find content in previous chats more easily.

Can y’all add any or all of the following features to the ChatGPT UI?:

  • The ability to group similar chats under a topic (“Language learning” or “VB Programming” for instance)
  • The ability to search your chats for keywords
  • The ability to tag chats and search/filter based on those tags (“#spanish”, “#language”, “#visualbasic” for instance. Doesn’t necessary have to include a hashtag.)

Or if your team has some creative UI update ideas not mentioned here that could make it more intuitive to use from a long-term perspective, I welcome that.

But something certainly needs to be done at this point!