Typo in the Creating Assistants Python Code

I noticed a typo in the “Creating Assistants” python code example.

For example, to create an Assistant that can create data visualization based on a .csv file, first upload a file.

file = client.files.create(
  file=open("speech.py", "rb"),

This seems to be a copy-paste error. According to the other examples, the file should be called mydata.csv.

Is this the right place to share this feedback?

Somebody just wanted the text of their python code beatifully visualized, I guess.

Might still work:

To visualize the structure of the Python code without modifying it, you can use a tool like pyan or pyreverse from the pylint package. These tools generate UML diagrams to represent the structure of Python code.

Here’s how you can use pyreverse:


!pip install pylint
!pyreverse monofontlist.py -o png

This assumes that you have the pylint package installed. The pyreverse command generates a PNG image representing the UML class diagram for the specified Python file (monofontlist.py in this case). The output image file will be named packages.png.

After running these commands in a Jupyter cell, you can visualize the code structure by displaying the generated PNG image:


from IPython.display import Image


This will display the UML class diagram as a PNG image in your Jupyter notebook, providing a visual representation of the code structure.

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