TypeError: openai.createModel is not a function

I am using the latest version of openai@3.1.0

        // Train the model using the OpenAI API
            model: 'text-davinci-002',
            prompt: 'What is Editor X?',
            n: 1,
            max_tokens: 2048,
            temperature: 0.7,
            training_data: trainingData
        }).then((model) => {

            model: 'text-davinci-002',
            training_data: additionalTrainingData

I think you need to look at the createFile and createFineTuneRequest function calls instead

can you share me a document or link so i can learn more about these functions

I only found them by looking through the github source code for the library you are using

I think the createModel is either an old depreciated call, or you may have got it from ChatGPT (That tends to lie a lot)

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