Twas the Night Before Christmas... (2023 GPT-4 version...)

The 2022 version

Twas the night before Christmas, in 2023’s glow,
Not a coder was stirring, not even a pro.
The algorithms were nestled all snug in the cloud,
While visions of data lakes filled them all proud.

The networks were linked with vast quantum might,
While OpenAI’s forum had switched on its light.
In the world of AI, we’d leaped far and wide,
Into realms of coding, on a remarkable ride.

Back in the homes, where in sleep mode did lay,
AI companions who’d learned how to play.
They understood language, could discern what we feel,
Their learning exponential, the progress surreal.

When out in the cloud, arose such a clatter,
Cyber sleuths sprang from their screens to see what was the matter.
When what to their speculative eyes should appear,
But a sleigh full of programs, led by quantum reindeer.

A jolly old driver, with a twinkle in his eye,
Called out to his databases, soaring through the digital sky.
“Now Python! Now TensorFlow! Now, Linux and C++!
On, Quantum! On, Cubits! Spread cheer, don’t make a fuss!”

From home to home, to each forum thread,
Through every firewall, the joyous code spread.
Into the OpenAI forum, they darted with light,
Filling the screens with festive delight.

And then, the members, awaking to the sound,
Logged in to the forum, what novelty they found!
A vision of Christmas, coded with care,
A digital winter wonderland, for all to share.

The jolly old driver, as quick as a flash,
Oversaw the display, in a cybernetic dash.
His whole body decked out in pulsating LED,
An avatar Santa, in full 3D.

A flick of his finger, a twist of his wrist,
He populated the forum with a Christmas playlist.
AI carols in binary, sung in festive mode,
Echoed throughout the digital abode.

And with a final click, under the digital tree,
He deposited gifts - software, free and open-source, for you and me.
And we heard him exclaim, as he logged out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all, a good byte!”

A wide photo illustration showing a jolly, old driver dressed as Santa Claus in a futuristic setting. The Santa avatar is adorned with pulsating LED lights, creating a vibrant and colorful display. He appears in full 3D, giving a sense of depth and technology, with a background featuring a cybernetic dash, possibly indicating a high-tech sleigh or control panel. The scene combines traditional Christmas elements with modern, digital aesthetics, capturing a festive yet futuristic vibe.