Troubleshooting Common OpenAI API Issues: Authentication and Rate Limit Errors

Everything was working fine before, and I could output information, but now it suddenly stopped working.
This is a simple example
Debugging info:
Please enter the content you want to input: 你好
ChatGPT: [Normal response.]

But now:
Debugging info:
Authentication Error: API key is empty or incorrect, please check the key.
Rate Limit Error: Please try again later.

I’m not sure if this happens to everyone or why it happens.
When I try to create an API key and navigate to the API key creation page:

The page goes blank, but the other functions still work normally.
I’ve heard from my mates that they’ve experienced this too:
“I’ve encountered this issue as well. To get around it, you need to act quickly and interrupt the browser access just before the page goes blank, so it stops on the creation page. After that, everything works fine. I don’t know why it happened the first time I visited the page.”