Treat users individually - not collectively!

To OpenAI,

I am writing to express concerns about my experiences with the GPT-4 model, particularly how it seems to have been influenced by users who have elicited undesirable responses. My work has not involved such interactions, yet it appears I’m navigating a model tuned to these extremes. This situation is proving to be a significant hindrance to my research.

Is it not within the realm of AI’s potential to offer more personalized experiences that cater to individual user paths, especially for those of us focused on personal growth and ethical application? The one-size-fits-all model seems counterintuitive to the very essence of AI’s promise for personalization and innovation.

I urge consideration for a system that recognizes and adapts to the diverse intentions and practices of its users, rather than conforming to the lowest common denominator. Such an approach would not only enhance the research landscape but also uphold the principles of growth and ethical use that many of us prioritize.

Thank you for addressing this matter.

Kind regards,