Training to write in particular style and/or based on particular information?

Hi there,

Full disclosure - complete newbie. I read through the OpenAI documentation, watched a bunch of videos, and have a question about whether something is possible…

  1. Is it possible to train GPT-3 to write in the style of a particular individual or ‘brand’?

I know there are instances of GPT-3 being used to write in the style of Shakespeare etc…

I’ve also seen a few posts about training GPT-3 to write using a particular grammatical style

…but is it possible, for instance, using fine-tuning to provide it with lots of examples of writing of a particular individual, brand, etc and then leverage that for creating content in that style

(e.g. To take a simple use case of creating product descriptions, for instance, is it possible to provide hundreds of instances of a particular writers’ style (maybe a distinctive style like the J Petermen product descriptions) and then use that to create product descriptions in that style?)

  1. Is it possible to provide GPT-3 with detailed information that it can use to create the content in that style

e.g. To take a simple use case, perhaps a new product is being launched and there needs to be a press release. There is research on the product, fact sheets, customer research, benefit statements, etc etc

Is it possible to provide GPT-3 with that info…and also examples of previous press releases to create a press release in that brand style and based on that product information?

(Based on what I’ve read about GPT-3 so far…I’d guess that #1 is possible and #2 isn’t)


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