Training a model against a db with material and labor cost

Where would I start my research to determine the possibility of training GPT 4 against a relational database that is used to build cost estimates for construction projects?

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

While it’s now possible to fine-tune (“train”) gpt-4-0613, I suspect it’s not what you actually want.

If you have a gigantic database, you’re probably better off letting the model construct a query, and then potentially perform operation on the result, right?

I would start with trying to give the model all necessary information to perform these queries, and trying to get it to construct them with a relatively high degree of certainty. Then you can start working on integrating your systems. Does that sound like a plan?

It does! How do I “give” the model the necssary infromation though…thats the part I dont understand…thanks for your help!