Thread conversation is superseding the instructions from assistants

I have observed that when I use 2 assistants with varying instructions. When the second one is invoked. The Thread conversation from the first one is overriding the instructions from the second.
ex; Assistant 1 is onboarding with gentle voice. (thread started and 5 messages_
then assistant 2 is run with harsher voice. Result is still gentle voice and output is akin to assistant 1.

Hmmm, I am not able to replicate this. I just tested and passing the same thread between assistants results in the thread following the right instructions. Do you have a minimal viable example to reproduce this?

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Funny enough it does not do it for me on the playground as well. Let me see again and send a code where it happens. The workaround I found was to introduce a message reiterating the instruction as user and then it started taking the instruction.