Thoughts on Rabbit R1 Device tech? (Natural Language OS)

I’ve been joking for a while that we’re going to see a ChatGPT Phone soon, but I didn’t expect something so similar soon… I haven’t watched the whole demo yet, but it sounds intriguing if they can pull off a natural language OS…

ETA: Sounds like they have a 7B LLM onboard the device for speed?


Yeah, just saw this it looks good! I feel like google is missing a massive opportunity to push AI to its products.

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I bet Google hates this with a passion because of ad revenue. They made $224.47 billion USD in 2022 just on ads. These devices give us access to all the internet has to offer with ZERO ads shown. If this becomes the norm Google will have to figure out a different way to make it’s bread and butter.


Not to mention SEO… and websites? I mean, the content has to come from somewhere… right?


I am skeptical about carrying another object when I have my iPhone in my pocket. I thinksomething like a bodycam and microphone that communicates through the AI on my iPhone, would make sense. I am no more likely to carry a separate AI device along with my iPhone then I am to carry an MP3 player or a camera or a PDA or a book, etc. etc.


I definitely want to try it out. LAMs seem incredible as a concept but hard to say how useful it is until you play with it (e.g., when planning a travel itenerary, can it do price comparisons or just pick the first viable option given the instructions?).

Also, has anyone figured out whether this device can operate on Wi-Fi only or if it requires a SIM card?

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I just finished watching the video, and now I want one. I am concerned about my data. Normally, when devices are sold at low costs, they sell your information. I need to do more research on that, but other than that, it looks great.

No information about capabilities or size of the LLM/LAM used?

I just had ChatGPT read through their privacy policy looking for certain things. It seems they are pretty secure. They are based in the U.S., meaning they aren’t legally obligated to give up your personal information like companies based in China. They say they will use your information as a whole with everyone else, to see analytics, like how many users use the product, what is the most popular feature used, etc. From what I have read, I would trust them with my data, except for access to my credit card or other payment method currently.

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I am a very pessimistic person, but I don’t see any value in this.

Why would I use this if I have a phone? It looks like a cheap Pokedex.

This. Exactly. I have a very strict pocket policy. Phone in right, keys in left.

I am not storing my Pokedex in my back pocket, nor am I ever mixing devices in my phone pocket.

Realistically all these features I can accomplish using my phone. With the pace of technology I can have a nice, relatively inexpensive phone and then connect to my home network to send requests.


My only comment on this is:

If only I already had a personal computer with lots of sensors and network connectivity that I carried with me all the time.


so tl;dr: it’s basically an echo dot with a screen?

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One of the cons of this product for me is the fact that you pay to get a SIM card for it, but it can’t even take calls.

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I don’t think that’s a huge dealbreaker tbh, it’s just an IoT device. I feel it’s ok that we start disassociating the concept of SIMs necessarily having anything to do with phonecalls.

I still think this is the AI equivalent of a juicero

Can you book an entire trip on your phone using one app for planes, hotels, rental cars, dinner reservations?

My wife travels a lot; she spends days doing the above

It does everything ChatGPT does, faster, but acts like a personal assistant on top of that.

That said, having another device on me would not be pleasant.

Microsoft is all in on this new technology in conjunction with open AI. If they were concerned about Bing ad revenue, it does not seem they would be eager to do this joint venture with open AI.


Well, the ones serving the LLMs will be like the new Google with all the “ad space…” Although more and more signs are pointing toward a post-capitalism world. Sounds crazy to say it, but things are accelerating quickly…

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We’re definitely heading towards our own personal assistants that can accomplish this. I do believe this is where GPTs are heading.

The feature you’re describing is possible, technically already using GPTs. One could also build Assistants with a router to do this.

The issue is the hardware, as you’ve mentioned. Having an additional separate device

Do I want a separate device to run an LLM? No. If I had one I would mount it at home and communicate with it over the Internet. I would love to do all of these things with a battle tested network of devices like my watch, ans my phone


I don’t necessarily want to use my phone for everything in every situation, so I think a separate device makes sense in some situations.

I think this rabbit thing is cool, but I have a sneaky suspicion that someone will come along and show everyone how to make their own version using off-the-shelf hardware :wink:


Totally. Can’t wait for it to happen.

I can see some merit here. Kind of like how PCs can play video games yet much cheaper, specialized hardware comes out and makes things like Xbox, PlayStation.

But a phone can be considered a portable interface and latency times are typically very low. Why would you prefer to potentially have a second device for a portable LLM? Most of the necessities would overlap and then how would this synchronize with any other AI you have running?

I am already rooted in the idea that households will be running their own localized AI, though, and this specialized AI hardware will be as common as a dishwasher.


It comes down to how well they tie all the pieces together on the software side too.

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