This limmit on what you can do is not so good

well this is crazy. after the last ban or what everr you call it.
You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after 10:30 PM. Learn more

i went back to using the chatGPT for 15 , And most of the time i was try to train the builder on how to get the correct response and now i get banded again.
You guys should not count the time we spend in the builder trying to update to get the correct response . They needs to be something to let me know how much time, how many times i submit a prompt , etc.
THis is crazy i spend half of my time helping train your ai to give better answers to prompts and can not use the service . It very lamented in that ratguard. Im not sure if it is a server issue were there are so many users and needs to be expanded . I would like something in place to let me know what is going on and not jus use the service for 15 min and then told you are basicly banded. for 2 hrs I hope there are some changes made. Is anyone else haveing this problem useig chatGPT ?