There was a problem with request to openai API - Invalid URL - Pythagora

Hey hey,

I tried to integrate Pythagora to Visual Studio Code as in this tutorial on YT:
( Open-Source AI Agent Can Build FULL STACK Apps (FREE “Devin” Alternative))

I (think) i followed the instructions, but when i want to use the python part it states:

There was a problem with request to openai API:
Invalid URL ‘’: No scheme supplied. Perhaps you meant https://?

In the .env file i use the following settings:

So i use the right link for the API and insert an API Key.
That should work, shouldn’t it?

Windows PC - Visual Studio Code - Python - Pythogra.

I am completly new to the game - so any help is appreciated.

Thx & br


Please close VSCODE,
edit the file:


Had the same error. Now it’s solved