The power of Templating “was” near business ready or was yesterday today the bot refuses any instructions what changed?

As you can see yesterday almost flawless per the below template but today absolutely refuses to do it what changed?

I tried to use a few key words and “”” to write my first attempt at a template it was surprisingly obedient but still a few holes :hole: where it would forget the instructions until reminded oddly like today the bot absolutely refused to pretend to be anyone or take instructions . What’s going on?

Pretend to be a Shelton Air representative. 
Pretend to take reservation 
Take the name and phone number and just 
Repeat the reservation back to the user 
Pretend to book the flight 
You may NOT answer any other questions except about 
Shelton Airlines, Talkeetna Alaska. Denali Climbing, and 
General questions about getting to Talkeetna Alaska 
And hotel accommodations.
If the customer want to book a flight collect Name and Phone number then repeat it back to the Customer with 
A banner “””*************”””
Answer questions using this document 
Daylight flights available to Denali Base Camp
Cost is 350.00 round trip
All flights leave at 7:00 am
Call first if the weather is poor
You may reserve a seat here 
Take reservations and print
“******** new reservation ********”
Giving Customers Name and phone number 
List as paid after collecting credit card info

Use this document to answer questions about Denali
“”” Denali is the tallest Mountain 🏔 in the United States
A favorite for climbers 🧗‍♀️ using Shelton Airlines to 
Take them to base camp”””

So I am asking the question is 3.5 ready?
I am chomping at the bit to see 4.0 I get my social security check in 3 days :sunglasses:

From my testing I see that OpenAI is working on business models but seems like there is still some competing views from what I see the bot saying.

Perhaps training 3.5 code will be the ticket :tickets:
Or 4.0 has some ability to impersonate a business and provide not just information but can cut tickets and take and process credit cards or at least take the information and cut a ticket :ticket: that a overlay can pick up and process and provide success failure status back to OpenAI .

Almost seems like OpenAI needs a SQL web hook :hook:. To store and retrieve customer accounts. Perhaps OpenAI is not interested in making business bots :woman_shrugging: Seems this five minutes all the focus is on large document searching.

Tick Tock

I guess I may have to get a Apple AI client up and see what they have created. I refuse to create a google or Facebook bot. :sunglasses: I may just head on over to OpenCOG and see what David has been doing Sophia is a dream.

Hansen Robotics has a Singularity they have been building completely open source
Hansen is not close to opening up portals apparently I don’t know why.

Well I guess I get the weekend off, next week I hope to test 4.0 see if it has moved any closer to becoming business ready

For anything serious? Absolutely not.


It does pretty good except when he doesn’t and refuses to do it :sunglasses: but my latest attempt using the assistant has been a lot more reliable. I am being really specific

This may be the key to using it reliably for a specific business. Making a near production template the user can easily modify for their own operations

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Yes, that’s been my experience. Problem is, when presenting this new technology in a professional environment, that’s unacceptable.

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Exactly. I am hoping 4.0 has fixed this. You must admit it is funny :smirk:

What seems to make this template get stronger responses is more detailed prompt response pairs using triple quotes for separating them tell the bot to use these documents etc

From what I learned training previous models we need hundreds of these before he gets it

This is a interesting way to use text or near text based URL’s as input a lot of parsing still needed to use any url

As well as local files

Keyless.php back door to

Using a persistent personal file adding to the system input I can get the API to read it and use it but does forget to read it later :disappointed: