The new ai powered Google BARD is a rival for ChatGPT

Ha ha! I saw that as well. It reminded me of the first big brand to have a website. It was IBM in 1994 (I think) and they mentioned it in a commercial during the Lillehammer Games. I recall thinking about that for a few days - what if this Interweb thing stuck?


I’m using both ChatGPT and PaLM’s bison model in my wrapper.
I don’t yet have access to gpt4, but I am finding PaLM is a bit quicker to respond and for the quick conversation, it does well. I use gpt-turbo for almost all my coding and deeper conversations as it does seem to do better here.
Great conversation!


I meant that in my rose-colored, idealized, [Ayn Rand-based], ideals on capitalism are concerned, the real winner in the market is the best innovator, the company or person that best fulfills the needs of the market.

So, when it comes to plugins—I definitely get the developers frustrations. But, I also think it is a great way to make different developers compete with each other in the open market… (Though, it would be great if the GPT-4 Plus Plugin Market had a Rating System. It will eventually.) To my mind, this is old-school, wild-west capitalism. The best products going fisticuffs. Open AI will add the best plugins to the ChatGPT-4 App. Other Apps will continue to open to ChatGPT.

Man, that is so fascinating! It is so interesting to see how the two companies have panned out—one going the theoretical, the other going the practical rout. Thanks for sharing both of those resources. I wonder if Google fell behind because it had too much to think about?

To tell you the truth, I think that 15% of internet users after less than a year is an enormous number. They say 30% percent of the internet uses WordPress as a CMS, and it has been around for a decade. For early adoption to be so high, and early adopters moving so much faster than those who haven’t used AI yet, I think that number will continue to snowball.

For the <15% of the 15% of the internet who are using ChatGPT 4 Plugins… that still strikes me as an enormous number!

But I also think a lot of businesses are quietly trying to figure out how to adopt this as quickly as possible. That Plugin Store is growing by 10-20 plugins a day. It’s a huge amount of growth. Not to mention the easy API access to GPT 3.5 Turbo. Open AI is doing a great job of creating a competitive market space (#capitalism!) They’re being quiet because we’ve all seen one too many sci-fi movies about AI to not be cautious. It’s cute.

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A further indicator of main-stream AI – a brand counter-embracing GPT, possibly at great peril.


It is a big number, but this is not the percentage of frequent users, nor is it representative of plugin users, which is so small it cannot be measured (yet).

Speculating today about GPT plugins would be a little like predicting the uptake of videotape formats (VHS or Betamax) in 1979. On paper, it was obvious Betamax would be the winner.

Be careful what you wish for!