ChatGPT plugins are here!

We’ve implemented initial support for plugins in ChatGPT. Plugins are tools designed specifically for language models with safety as a core principle, and help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, run computations, or use third-party services.

Read more in the blog post: ChatGPT plugins
Join the waitlist: ChatGPT plugins waitlist
Developer docs: OpenAI API


Boa tarde, Prezado.
Não tenho acesso aos plug-ins no meu chat GPT.
Como faço para implementá-los?


If I understand this correctly, it allows ChatGPT to intelligently make API requests?

Being able to selectively retrieve information from reliable sources is a great step forward.

Is the idea that eventually ChatGPT will have access to all of these plugins for safe information retrieval and perhaps eventually to make actual decisions with POST requests?

I’m sure all these questions have been asked, and answered, so I’m looking forward to the eventual release.

Also, web browsing capabilities & a built-in python interpreter?? Wow. Incredible.

Ok, this is actually insane. I’m looking at the GitHub samples now, and… Wow.
Seriously. We are all trying to develop these kinds of features and then you guys release it. How soon until ChatGPT comes with PDF reading capabilities, I mean seriously.

Also, looking forward to the following updates:

  • Hybrid search / TF-IDF option: Enhancing the datastore’s upsert function with an option to use hybrid search or TF-IDF indexing could improve the plugin’s performance for keyword-based queries.

Custom metadata: Allowing users to add custom metadata to document chunks, such as titles or other relevant information, might improve the retrieved results in some use cases.

A final thought & question: Is this not similar to being an app store or search engine? In the alpha participants I see Expedia and Kayak - which I would consider to be competitors. How would you decide on which to use or show first? I see the video is strikingly similar to an app store. What if the information conflicts?

How will this not become commercialized?


Looking forward to image generation as well! With Bing’s free image generation + all ChatGPT can do, for users who only need 15 lines of conversations, the premium pricing is harder and harder to justify.

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I’ll be waiting for “ChatGPT VST plugin - AI Studio Assistant”

VST plugin is Digital Audio Workstations plugin. If only ChatGPT LLM covers every aspect of major DAW and major VST plugins and music production knowledge at all levels, it would be such a great assistance to help with decision making for DAW user (which includes recording engineer, composer, mixing/mastering engineer) :smiling_face:


For those who missed it or have not see this.

ChatGPT Gets Its “Wolfram Superpowers”!


It would be amazing if API developers could harness the power of the plugins in their code in some way

If we could use open ai gpt and somehow get it to use Wolfram (and other plugins) as part of the flow, it would be a game changer for developers

Note: I haven’t fully read how it works, so it may already do this.even though it only mentions chatgpt


I think we are on the same page. :slightly_smiling_face:

Signed up for the wait list already as I would like to integerate Prolog into the mix, e.g

or other more complex task

Planning problems
Parsing with DCGs

Having a plugin that can talk with a Prolog back end would definetly be a game changer for such problems. I don’t know how much this dove tails in with what OpenAI seeks as noted with evals

We are looking for evals in the following categories:

  • Over-refusals
  • Safety
  • System message steerability
  • In-the-wild hallucinations
  • Math / logical / physical reasoning
  • Real-world use case (please describe in your PR how this capability would be used in a product)
  • Other foundational capability

but with a Prolog plugin don’t really see a need for creating evals for Prolog as OpenAI can just siphon off of the connection for what they want.

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" We have also published our IP egress ranges"
Classy move👍🏻

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Please stop releasing new features so fast! Haha, just kidding.

This sounds great, but my plate is full at the moment.

Good luck for those on the wait list to get in!


Just think about OpenAI and IoT. Or OpenAI and Smart Homes. Now, you can power anything with Open AI. Prompt Engineering has just taken a completely new turn because for the AI to call an API, it has to be formulated in a certain way.

Is there a way to discover other people APIs? I can imagine the API economy that will be created. Oh, and the security opportunity and so important. What is the API economy model?


The Wolfram and Zapier plugins are going to be game changers right off the bat.

I can’t wait to see these plugins become widely available!


Yes, Zapier is the most exciting plugin in there along with Browsing. The main 2 you need.

Woowww :star_struck: … chatGPT + Wolfram plugin = Star Trek Enterprise computer!!
LOL… March 2023 :slight_smile:


Yep. This is huge.


Thanks for dropping by on the Latent Spaces live broadcast yesterday. I particularly enjoyed your abrupt departure when the topic shifted to “run computations”. Always leav’em wanting more, eh. :wink:

I was about to ask you about Javascript. Greg’s FFMPG compute demo used Python. Is there a chance other interpreters will be available in the ChatGPT compute stack?

Hi OpenAI team , I am eagerly waiting for web browsing capability. Thank you very much for releasing browsing plug-in.

Can we invoke “Browsing Alpha” through API ? I don’t see any documentation related to that .
Thanks .


This is really cool development, and something a lot of us I believe wanted to build by themselves (including me).

I am just wondering, if the accessibility towards the plugins will be available over the OpenAI API, not only through ChatGPT?


Wow, this is sooo cool. Can’t wait to build or use this :raised_hands::fire:

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