The main bottlenecks that slow down the API response


I am using different text/image models via OpenAI API. I notice sometimes the response is very slow, and want to find out a solution to speed up it.

So, I wonder what is the main bottlenecks that slow down the response.

Note, I must use gpt-4 and dalle-3 models.

I figure out the main factors may be:

  1. The length of the prompt sent to OpenAI.
  2. The requests I made in the prompt. For example, if I have several requests, then that will slow down the response.
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It’s mostly your rate-limits tier + size of prompt(s) + network health… I believe they’re working on ways to make it even faster.

Other things you can do is try to use a smaller/faster model. While DALLE2 won’t replace DALLE3, you can get by with GPT-3.5-turbo or gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct sometimes with clever prompting and a one-shot or two-shot …