The "Edits" Endpoint -- Should I use it?

Hi! I am an experienced developer and have developed several OpenAI integrations. Most of them are some variation of the following examples:

- Summarize the following article:\r\n **[article content]**
- Elaborate on the following statement:\r\n **[a sentence]**
- Adjust the following text:\r\n **[some text]** \r\n such that it abides by the following instructions:\r\n **[some instructions]**.

One thing about these examples is that it’s cumbersome to delineate…

  • what’s the prompt?
  • what’s the dynamic content that the prompt is asking for adjustments on?
  • what’s the dynamic instruction set the the adjustment should abide by?

As you can see, I’m trying to approach delineation by providing a new line, via the “\r\n”. It does seem to work okay.

It seems to me that these use cases would be a perfect fit for the “Edits” endpoint:

Currently I’m using the Chat endpoint instead:

I don’t see many people talking about the Edits endpoint, and I see it does not seem to be getting blessed with the more recent model versions: OpenAI API

Is the Edits endpoint worth switching to?

Is it in danger of being deprecated?

If I should just stick with the Chat endpoint, is there a better way for me to approach the delineation issue I explained above?