The current token limit for the model is 2048 (approximately 1000 words). Please reduce the size of your prompt and try again

How i can solve this i want to put more content need to add more sample for AI

you need more than 1000 words for your prompt? seems a bit excessive

I make extensive use of summarization. Less is more.

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Actually I also need to provide the data to GPT3, and for customer use I need to take input and give output

need more that’s not enough because we also need to provide the samples

Can your post your full prompt? Would be easier to help I think. Also, I’m quite certain you are overtuning your prompt. There is no way you need 1000 words of examples to get your desired output in a model that has good accuracy at zero/few shot outputs.

Unfortunately it’s a hard technical limit. You’ll need to be creative to work within the tools available features.