The API does not respond consistently even though the context provided is correct

I am trying to develop a chatbot using openai api. I want it to generate an answer based on the provided context. But I see that the answers are inconsistent. Even though the data required for the answer is included in the context, for the same question, sometimes it answers correctly and sometimes it says ‘i don’t know’.

The provided context is in Arabic but questions would be any language.

The model I used is ‘text-embedding-3-large’ and the temperature of llm is 0.7(I tried that 0.2 or 0.3).

Also the prompt I created is as follows:
Please read the context provided below:
Based solely on the information given in the context above, answer the following question. The language of the answer is the language of the question. If no information is available in context to form an answer, simply reply with ‘Sorry! I don’t know’. Please do not provide additional explanations or information.
Question: {question}

I need help getting the chatbot work consistently. Thanks.