TEXT-TO-SPEECH API limit - Speech generation


I need to know what is the maximum input text file size is allowed in speech to text model, so that I can I properly validate the incoming file.

Also if anyone could add a tip to this Topic for about “increasing the speed of api response in nodejs”. I want to increase my api response, any tips and tricks is appreciated. :grin:

The API input limit to TTS models is currently 4096 characters.

The speed is-what-it-is, about 5x faster than the length of the audio file generated.

You can dispatch parallel chunks of sentences and paragraphs, and then rejoin/re-encode the audio. The rate limits of API requests are quite low for that, though.

The application you have is to possibly get the AI talking to the user quickly. Knowing the generation speed, you can send off 1/4 and 3/4 file sections, and have the first part playing back while the second is still chugging away.


Wow ! That would certainly work. I will start working on it.
Thankyou _j.

hey _j, I would love to have you on my project Notesify for this particular issue.
I have created an issue on github.

Its my engineering final year project and its open sourced : )

just add http github in front of the link as adding link is not allowed