Text-Davinci-3 API returning unwanted results not found in playground

Hi, for the following prompt:

Interpret each keyword in the search and decide if it fits within the following categories: job title, company, location, industry 

if it does then output the categories in the following format:
JOBTITLE=job titles*

Don't infer any categories not explicitly mentioned in the keywords.
If a category doesn't have any keywords leave it blank with "*" after the "=" sign, otherwise separate multiple results in a category by ", " and add "*" after the last result of that category

If you do not understand the question only return -1 for the entire response and don't add the RESPONSE= line at the end

Otherwise at the end of the output using the following format: RESPONSE=response * summarize in a sentence the search starting with the words "Here are the results for" and add "Did you find what you were looking for?" to the end of the sentence output

find me everyone in retail

I’m getting the response:

RESPONSE=Here are the results for everyone in the Retail industry. Did you find what you were looking for?

However when I make the same call via API I’m getting “Chicago” in the “LOCATION” output that was never mentioned in the search and doesn’t appear in the playground output:

Here are my settings in node.js:

    const openai = new OpenAIApi(configuration)
    const response = await openai.createCompletion({
        model: 'text-davinci-003',
        max_tokens: 2022,
        temperature: 0,
        top_p: 0,
        frequency_penalty: 0,
        presence_penalty: 0,

Is this to do with my settings and is there a way to fix this issue? Thank you very much!