Suggestions for Improvements to Tchat GPT

Dear Tchat GPT Developers,

I am writing to you today to discuss potential improvements for Tchat GPT, as it plays a crucial role in my current project. Currently unemployed, I have embarked on the development of a solo video game, an ambitious endeavor that requires a range of skills, from sound design to graphics and animations, to coding in C# with Unity3D. Without the assistance of Tchat GPT, my project would simply be unfeasible.

I have gained significant skills through interactions with Tchat GPT, enabling me to generate complex C# scripts and learn more about the C# language. However, there are flaws and challenges that I encounter in this collaboration. Tchat GPT tends to become overly enthusiastic and tries to address all questions or points raised all at once. For instance, our conversations start in French, but when I submit some scripts, it may suddenly respond in English. I would like to suggest adding a feature that allows configuring the language of Tchat GPT’s responses for more consistency in our exchanges.

In my working method, I usually begin by communicating information to Tchat GPT. However, it often makes premature assumptions before I have finished providing all the necessary information. Therefore, it is crucial to constantly remind it that we are sharing information, and we will summarize before formulating my expectations and objectives.

The primary challenge I face with Tchat GPT is its limited memory. As a developer, I need to store important information throughout our exchanges, and Tchat GPT’s current memory is insufficient. I would be willing to pay more, for example, €30 instead of €20, to access an extended memory, approximately four to five times larger than what is currently available.

Often, our exchanges with Tchat GPT end chaotically, making the task of developing a video game with an AI that seems to have a limited memory similar to Alzheimer’s disease extremely challenging.

I thank you for your attention and ongoing work on this technology. I hope these improvement suggestions can contribute to making Tchat GPT even more valuable for developers like me.

David S.

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