Suggestion: Adding Functionality to ChatGPT for Reading Shared Link Content

Dear OpenAI Team,

I would like to provide a suggestion regarding the upgrade of ChatGPT. Currently, ChatGPT allows for the sharing of individual chat windows, which is a great improvement. However, I have noticed that ChatGPT is unable to access the content of other chat windows. I believe that adding this functionality would greatly benefit users in handling complex tasks.

In many work tasks, it is common to navigate through multiple chat windows to address branching issues and consolidate the results within a main task tree. However, the current limitations of ChatGPT prevent it from reading and processing the discussion results and information shared through shared links. This requires manual copying and pasting of information before interacting with ChatGPT, leading to unnecessary hassle and time consumption.

Therefore, I suggest incorporating a feature in ChatGPT that enables it to read and process the shared chat content through shared links. This would allow users to directly grant ChatGPT access to previous discussion results and information, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting. This enhancement would enable users to efficiently navigate and process tasks across multiple windows, quickly synthesizing and handling complex discussions and information.

Such an upgrade would provide a seamless user experience and significantly enhance the practicality of ChatGPT in collaborative and complex task handling. I believe this feature would be well-received by users and contribute to further expanding the scope and effectiveness of ChatGPT.

Thank you very much for considering my suggestion. I am eagerly looking forward to the continuous evolution and improvement of ChatGPT, providing users with even more powerful features and experiences.

Best regards.

I think if you install some plugins it can do that.