Subject: Frequent "NetworkError" Issue with ChatGPT on Firefox 115.5.0esr (64-Bit)


I am reaching out to discuss a recurring issue I’ve been experiencing with ChatGPT while using the Firefox browser, version 115.5.0esr (64-Bit). Specifically, it’s regarding the “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource” message that frequently appears during my use of ChatGPT. Although this error usually does not recur after reloading the response (Regenerate), the frequency of this error is disruptive to my workflow and adds unnecessary load to the network and servers, which ideally should be avoided.

I have not observed this network error message with any other internet applications while using the same browser and network conditions. This specificity to ChatGPT suggests that the issue might be related to how ChatGPT interacts with the network or browser, rather than a general connectivity, browser or software problem on my end.

An additional point of concern is that after said regenerating of a response, ChatGPT often asks whether the second answer is better than the first. This implies that ChatGPT assumes I was able to read the first answer, which should mean that it was successfully received. However, due to the network error, this is not the case.

I am curious to know if other users have encountered similar issues and if there are specific reasons why this error occurs with Firefox. I do not know if it also occurs with Chrome as I do not use Chrome for this purpose.

I am also interested in learning about any known solutions or workarounds to circumvent or fix this problem.

Thank you in advance for any insights or assistance you can provide.

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Edit: Never mind, my proposed solution does not work. I think it may be on Firefox’s end.

Original message:

I’ve been facing the same issue and I think I’ve found a solution.

So far, the issue does not occur when I enable Troubleshoot Mode which disables all themes and extensions.

This narrows down the problem as the issue may be as a result of one or more extensions.

Try enabling Troubleshoot Mode by clicking the three horizontal bars on the upper right corner > Help > Troubleshoot Mode. In the dialog, click Restart. Then, in the center dialog, click Open. Do not click Refresh Firefox as that will remove your extensions.

After Firefox opens in Troubleshoot Mode, open ChatGPT and see if the issue occurs. If no issues occur, the problem is likely with one or more extensions.

Turn off Troubleshoot Mode by clicking the three horizontal bars on the upper right corner > Help > Turn off Troubleshoot Mode.

Now, you can try turning off extensions one by one to narrow down which extension is causing the problem.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the update! However, even if it may be somewhat dependent on Firefox, it should nonetheless function properly on Firefox, as there are individuals who exclusively trust this browser…

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I have this issue all the time. I switch to Chromium and it works straight away, Firefox, no good.