Style transfer from text

I’ve been experimenting with some of the impressionist and abstract artists to see what I can create. I’ve tried multiple incarnations of “Make a sketch using 50 rectangles in the style of Piet Mondrian” using the Javascript Codex. I realize that getting the prompt right is everything. Therein lies the challenge. Not much luck in creating a style transfer much less in getting Codex to show an image from the web. Let me know if anyone has obtain related success:

Draw a sketch in the style of Piet Mondrian - draws 4 squares filling canvas
Create a Piet Mondrian sketch - draws 3 squares on upper left side of canvas

Draw a sketch in the style of Mondrian’s Tableau II - draws 4 squares making a larger square in the upper left side of canvas

Create a Mondrian sketch in the style of Boogie Woogie - not bad. draws an animation of multiple, small, rectangles of different colors but a far cry from Boogie Woogie

Draw a tiled canvas in the style of Piet Mondrian - draws a 4 square black and white checkerboard pattern filling canvas

Create a Mondrian mosaic painting in the style of Tableau II - creates a 3 by 3 square grid of (from top row to bottom row): red, green, blue : purple, light blue, yellow : red, green, blue

Create something that looks exactly like a Piet Mondrian painting - draws one grey square filling canvas

Create a new painting in the style of Van Gogh - creates too mainly lines- JS Codex exceeds its limit in code length

Draw a Van Gogh sketch - creates an <img src…> HTML element. The URL is invalid (404 code returned)

Draw Starry Night from the Google Arts and Culture web site — about 40 or so black circles/balls in the canvas. Animation seems to wrap at boundaries.

Make a sketch of a giraffe in the artistic style of Van Gogh - creates an infinite number of repeating source lines on fillStyle and fillRect.

Right - it is a hard challenge. I will open up a new thread on the URL issue. URLs were manually cut and paste in Firefox to test validity.

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tbh, I wrote a web scraper which is made accessible to Codex through a Python function, exactly for this reason.

that is awesome. Is that the tool on github that you posted yesterday on another thread?
This one: GitHub - vertinski/copyrun: This program runs Python code which is copied in clipboard

That tool ‘CopyRun’ is for faster code testing.
I havent posted the scraper yet — I feel that automated scraping is kinda controversial topic.

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