Streamlining Reverification

Getting reverified in the store after deployment is currently super stressful for developers. I imagine it’s super stressful for OpenAI as well. At least on our end, we get many support requests within minutes of a plugin store outage. At the very least, that’s exciting because it means that people are actively using and loving our plugin! The sad part is that it causes great stress for all of us excited to get it out there in the world and it hurts trust with our own users.

As a verified plugin, I’d love to make this easier and less stressful on everyone. Here are some ideas for approaches:

  • Verified Plugin Developers submit their expected changes to OpenAI, both in terms of the AI Plugin JSON and the OpenAPI Spec to get validation in advance.

  • Coordinated timing for rolling out a deployment that has AI Plugin JSON Changes to minimize friction for users.

What do you all think?


Keeping a reviewed version of the ai-plugin.json + OpenAI spec while it passes the review for the new update sounds pretty good.

Although unlikely, another option to explore would be to have an alternative “latest” version of each plugin, a version that OpenAI has not yet reviewed but passes safety and automatic tests to at least reach users. Something that could be reserved for frequent plugin developers.


I agree on the stressfulness of it. Was unverified yesterday.

I appreciate the careful approach and since OpenAI’s usage is on another level I think all things considered they’re doing a solid job.

OpenAI is on a hiring spree, so ideally part of this would be free up resources in the next month or two to address some of the processes but I’d imagine the process will stay the same for longer than plugin devs would like.

From perusing the forum I saw that Logan is possibly the sole person who’s tasked with vetting and approving plugins, so I think for any major updates to happen he’ll have to get some support. I think ideally he’d have, at minimum, a team of 3 with the current inbound he’s getting.

Personally, I’m just trying to be appreciative and patient which is hard when handling six figures of requests in a week. but it’s kind of fun tbh.


has anyone gone through re-verification ? Say if you are adding an endpoint to the yaml for example or changing descriptions, does your current version continue to be live until the new one is approved? What’s the typical turnaround for that

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somtimes I’ve been re-verified within 10 minutes, sometimes it takes much longer. one of my main plugins has been off for 3 days due to a simple word change in name_for_human :frowning:

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For the reverification I believe should be given more priority then the one with the new one. My plugin has been 7 days since its been away from Plugin store.

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yeah I’m in same boat as @surya1 , I think Logan is slammed w/ new plugin verification atm.

I’ve been off since Wed night and submitted re-verification right after getting unverified.

I’d assume if you make an update now expect at min 3days, if not more for reverification

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