Streaming Markdown or Other Formatted Text


I am wondering if anyone has some recommended libraries or practices for rendering streamed content in real-time, as it is returned by the API, such that lists, bold, italics, etc. are rendered as such.

ChatGPT’s UX itself does this (just ask it to return a list of anything), and it’s really trivial for non-streaming content, but streaming formatted text content doesn’t seem to be that common. I have a few workarounds and prototypes, but nothing I feel is very robust.

We’re using Node on the backend and Vue3 on the front-end, so bonus for anyone with libraries in those ecosystems they can point me at, but frankly any recommended practices, libraries, or SDKs for streaming formatted text are welcome. Also happy to collaborate on an existing or new open-source project for this purpose - seems like a need exists.



not sure
i am playing with a md to html javascript lib
marked js org parser

to parse the chat stream string
only have a problem when in stream is html code