Streaming fine-tune events in Node.js


I am using the OpenAI node-js library to build a tooling for fine-tuning GPT-3 models.

The docs mentioned that once the fine-tune job is created, all the events will be streamed, but I cannot find any implementation/code sample for this.

Running the above command does several things:

  1. Uploads the file using the files API (or uses an already-uploaded file)
  2. Creates a fine-tune job
  3. Streams events until the job is done (this often takes minutes, but can take hours if there are many jobs in the queue or your dataset is large)

This above language is from the python sample given in the docs.

I want to know if the node-js library supports streaming fine-tune events from the API.

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See here: GitHub - openai/openai-node: Node.js library for the OpenAI API


Thank you so much @logankilpatrick