Strange characters in response

I am using APi with node JS and model is text-davinci-003 and I am getting strange characters at the end of responses, and some words are not gramatically corect, example below (polish language)
“tak¿e mo¿e byc skomplikowany dla osoby bez odpoiwedniego doswiadczenia. Warto skorzystaæ z uslug profesionalisty aby uniknac problemow i míec pewnosæ”
Where it should be:
“także może być skomplikowany dla osoby bez odpowiedniego doświadczenia. Warto skorzystać z usług profesjonalisty aby uniknąć problemów i mieć pewność”

Below I listed you my createCompletion function

          model: "text-davinci-003",
          prompt: prompt,
          temperature: 1,
          max_tokens: 2500,
          top_p: 0,
          frequency_penalty: headings ? 0.5 : 0.3,
          presence_penalty: headings ? 1 : 0.7,
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Could be some kind of unicode decoding issue. Perhaps your output terminal doesn’t have whatever character it’s trying to use in its character set? To debug I would have your script print the outputs twice: One as regular text like it does now, and another with the unicode codes (in Python the character code would look something like \u0394 but not sure about javascript). Then you could at least see what code the weird character corresponds to.

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