Static co-authored content with fantasy anatomy references

I know there has to be approval for web apps, and there used to be a long list of restrictions for social media generated “human in the loop” content. The link seems to be gone, replaced with a 404 page. So I wonder if the old policy no longer applies or just moved somewhere else.

For context, I’m doing a kind of fantasy game guide, the worst of which makes reference to animal parts and butchering, e.g.

The worst might be this screen with reference to monster anatomy:

The images are from Midjourney. Text is 90% from GPT-3. But let’s just assume for argument’s sake that it’s all OpenAI related.

I consider it as safe - it’s poking fun at how certain creatures in a game loot drops guts. But it does seem to be in the gray area against the No Violence content policy. What do you folks think?