SSL: certificate_verify_failed

Well, that’ the same here. I have sent info to my security folks here and they haven’t gotten back to say they found any issue associated with the VPN config.

It still could be something wrong with the VPN, but there are an awful lot of people experiencing this issue when using the OpenAI Python library. I don’t have this issue when using requests. When it has happened in the past, it was very simple resolution, just export the cert from the site and add to the cacerts.pem file for the Python virtual environment. I have tried that in this case by getting the cert from The cert doesn’t look quite right so maybe there’s something wrong with OpenAI’s self-signed certificate which would be ironic because the OpenAI Python library keeps complaining about a self-signed certificate in the chain.

Seriously though, OpenAI, can’t you put some resources on this to fix it so people can use it. It’s almost like you want people to NOT use your products. Or, at the very least, provide some guidance for those customers using some of the more popular VPNs out there like GlobalProtect, Cisco, etc.

This worked, thanks! Also, remember when clicking the lock icon on the left side of the URL, to select “Connection is Secure” to access the certificate. (In Google Chrome anyway)

This worked like a charm, thanks!! I pasted the certificate in my venv at [envname]/Lib/site-packages/certify