Split up the text into sections. Now each one is getting a conclusion

I am writing blog articles with gpt 3.5 turbo.

I split up the content into individual sections. The problem is that openai is adding a conclusion to each one of them. So if I write 5 seconds, I get a conclusion for each section so in the end I will have 5 conclusions lol.

I already tried “do not include a conclusion” or ‘this is the body of the article’, ‘no summary needed’ and other variants but openai ignores them most of the time.

Any ideas what else I can do?

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you could try using something like using the ‘memory’ of chatGPT: although it doesn’t ‘remember’ in a human way, t makes use of some kind of memory. with a definition to commit sth to memory, I had the impression it is easier for chatGPT to retain given imformations.

I would probably go about it like this:
I am going to give you a definition, that we will use throughout our chat. do you understand?
when prompted to provide the definition:
‘commit to memory’ and ‘remember’: when I ask you to commit something to memory I want you to ‘remember’ this specific piece of information for reference or later use. do you understand?

Then I woul tell chatGPT:
I am going to provide you text that you please commit to memory:
paste text 1
I am going to provide you more text that you please commit to memory:
paste text 2

please be aware that chatGPT seems to need to write out the summary of each text provided. if you interrupt this process it seems not to be able to process the information.

after you have pasted all of your text and read the individual summaries you can ask chatGPT to provide a summary for all your texts (you might have to experiment with the wording):
please write a summary of all the texts you committed to memory.

I hope that helps :sunny:

I have found that adjusting the prompt by asking ChatGPT to summarize the text in bullet format gives the summarization but avoids writing a conclusion at the last bullet point like it would in paragraph format.