Single comparison of OpenAI TTS vs. Amazon Polly on pronunciation of six homographs

I compared OpenAI TTS against Amazon Polly on the pronunciation of six homographs – wind, close, lead, bass, bow and desert. They were tested using the following sentences:

The wind is blowing hard.
He had to wind his way through the underbrush.
Please close the door.
You are so close to the truth.
The pipe is made of lead.
She took the lead on the project.
The fish is a bass.
She plays the bass drum.
He tied the ribbon into a bow.
She took a bow when they applauded.
He decided to desert them.
He made his way across the desert on his own.

OpenAI TTS made the correct distinction in pronunciation of four of the six homographs. It failed on bass and bow. Amazon Polly made the correct distinction on five of the six. It failed on bow.