Since today GPT4 make a lot of TYPOS in generated code

Please tell me I am not the only one noticing this? Was there an update recently or something? I live and breathe GPT4 and never have I ever had that many typos. In functions and declarations that GPT itself has written or just SpringBoot annotations that is uses… Sometimes it even invents new words :smiley: Anyone else?

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So annoying - almost every code snippet provided is full or typos. It defines a variable and then in the very next line it calls the variable some other variation of the words or sometimes not even related at all.
I’m constantly going through and fixing the typos.
What is going on???

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Yes, same here. As of May 2024 typos are occurring that have never occurred over the past several months with no changes to model, prompt and parameters since then. Updating from preview, to turbo versions have the same typo issue. We will try gpt4o model next and try adjusting top_p to try to reduce occurrences of this new issue.

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this started when they released gpt-4o. but gpt-4o is not as good.

I’m getting the same problem as of today, 12th June 24. Lots of typos that have nothing to do with the context or code :sweat_smile:

I’ve never experienced this before with GPT4